Our Story

At Craft Burger, our mission is to craft the best tasting and most trusted burgers and sandwiches you can find. We are a new kind of fast food restaurant serving premium hamburgers and sandwiches using the top 1% of all beef and chicken produced in America. All of our meat is free range, humanely raised, and local to Minnesota. Our grass-fed beef is produced by a 5th generation family farm in the St. Croix River Valley (Peterson Craftsman Meats), and comes from a European line of heritage breed cattle known as Limousin. Our chicken is certified free range, antibiotic free, and air-chilled in the old word way.

While our sourcing delivers thoughtful and tasty quality, our open kitchen is designed for speed and convenience.

Our sun-filled dining room and patio deck are available for those who want to dine in. We offer 12 local craft draft beers, a selection of wine, and TVs showing the day’s news and sporting events. 

Our Food

The Top 1%

Our burgers are made from a proprietary 'brisket blend' of dry-aged beef that we grind every day in house. We source our beef directly from Peterson Craftsman Meats, a 5th generation family farm on the St. Croix River. This family raises a heritage breed of cattle called Limousin, famous around the world for their muscular build and beefy flavor. As environmental stewards, they raise their cattle the old fashioned way: in the pasture, grass-fed and finished, free-range, as nature intended. This old-world way of farming is better for the environment, and produces a more natural and nutritious product that is dry aged and tastes better in every way. Pastured and grass fed is how you produce the top 1% of all beef produced in America.

In addition to craft hamburgers, we’ve perfected the grilled chicken sandwich by starting with the most tender, juicy, free-range chicken that is also certified organic. We slow cook our chicken in our steam ovens ‘sous-vide’ style before we finish them on our infrared grill. These delicious chicken breasts are available in salad bowls or as grilled chicken sandwiches. Organic free-range chicken represents the top 1% of all chicken produced in America.

Our crispy chicken sandwiches are created with local, cage-free, antibiotic-free chicken thighs. These are seasoned and tenderized in buttermilk brine before they are slow-cooked in our steam ovens sous-vide style. Next, they are hand-breaded with our custom organic flour mixture then cooked crispy in 100% tallow. The result is a delicious and tender crispy chicken that satisfies.

Our Values

We are outdoor enthusiasts, and consider environmental stewardship and humane treatment of animals to be a necessity. That’s why we choose producers who practice stewardship over the land, and use rotational grazing to raise and finish cattle. Our chicken is raised on family farms that are certified humane by the American Humane Association. All of our beef and cattle are sourced from growers who adhere to the five freedoms for animal welfare: freedom from (1) hunger + thirst, (2) discomfort, (3) pain, injury and disease, (4) fear and distress, and (5) freedom to express normal behavior with animals of their own kind.

We do not serve any ingredients that are artificial or unnatural, including no chemical preservatives, colorings, artificial ingredients, antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. We believe that people should eat food in its natural state, as close as possible to what nature intended. This is why we only source grass-fed beef and organic chicken breasts.

Our Ambitions

We’re not just mindful, we’re competitive. We want to win the title of ‘Best Burger in the Twin Cities’ and ‘Best Chicken Sandwich in the Twin Cities’. That’s pretty lofty, we know, but you have to have something to shoot for. We believe that winners don’t cut corners or take shortcuts, so we:

  • Source our beef directly from the farmer with no middle-man

  • Use local, free-range grass-fed and pastured beef

  • Dry-age our beef by the butcher

  • Craft a proprietary and delicious ‘Brisket Blend’ that includes short ribs and chuck

  • Grind our meat in house every morning

  • Use local, free range, air-chilled chicken for our chicken sandwiches and salads

  • Use ‘sous vide’ style cooking to craft tasty, tender, juicy chicken

We hope you’ll join us in our journey to craft the best burger and chicken sandwich in the Twin Cities.